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IRFC's Seiler & Speer: Christopher Seiler: 'It's going to be a rush, believe me'

IRFC’s Seiler & Speer: Christopher Seiler: ‘It’s going to be a rush, believe me’

Now it’s almost ‘official’: Seiler and Speer are the ones in IRFC 2022 in Leoben Visitors to the Great Charity Biker Fest will warm to Saturday, July 23, as the main act—like the cherry on the cake, so to speak, for the already packed program.

It was Sealer without Speer who insisted on attending the kickoff in Leoben in person as a surprise guest. “We immediately agreed to perform at the Children’s Iron Road. There was no doubt about it, and we didn’t hesitate for a second,” says Christopher Seiler.

The two musicians are also looking forward to their IRFC appearance because they love serving a good cause – and want to help children who are in dire need of help with serious health issues. Laura, Willie, Niklas, Anna and Julian are the five kids who are receiving the most donations this year.

break the mark of 100000

Armin Assinger, self-proclaimed ‘Huge IRFC Fan’this year is a famous juror in the Austrian state championship in Build a custom bike at IRFC initially – He is already convinced that the €100,000 mark will be broken this year. Of course, that’s also what the entire IRFC staff wants, especially Mike Reiter, Philip Meyer and Andy Buchel.

Chris “Bambikler” Rapper, Karl Dobnig and Armin Asinger
© Isabella Gettler

The goal was set to help more children – and was able to move forward year after year. The IRFC has grown a lot this year: the churchyard will become the Nova Rock theater, the Live Congress will become a tattoo area and the “US Car Valley” will be established in the New Town Hall area. The stage in the main square has also grown and will be at the other end in Bergmannsbrunnen for the first time. “Essentially, we switched sides. The lineup and bands simply need a bigger stage,” says Bäuchl.

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Also new songs with baggage

For Seiler and Speer, performing at Leoben is the best opportunity to send fresh material straight onto the race stage to see how you shine with the crowd. Without knowing how the new material will be received, one thing is already certain for Zeiler: “It’s going to be a rush, believe me.”

The new songs will be rolled out as a jam-shaped “candy” that begins loosely and develops little by little: “similar to the process we use in the studio,” says Seiler. Of course there’s going to be a basis for hearing Seiler & Speer, as fans will likely expect: “We’re coming in with a seven-piece squad. And we’re going to be loud. But we’ve been known to be that strong anyway. It’s been a long time since we’ve played without delivery,” Seiler says. .

Incidentally, the guest performance at “The Iron Road for Children” in the main square in Leoben is the only appearance that Sayler and Speer are giving in Austria this year with free admission.