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Gazprom cuts gas supplies via Nord Stream 1 again

Gazprom cuts gas supplies via Nord Stream 1 again

Germany’s Federal Network Agency rejects Gazprom’s reasoning that delays in repair work are to blame.

Russians GazpromThe group has again reduced the maximum volumes of gas delivery through the Nord Stream 1 Baltic Sea pipeline to Germany. As of Thursday morning, only a maximum of 67 million cubic meters will be pumped through the pipeline per day, Gazprom announced on Wednesday. The Russian state-owned company once again justified this step by delaying repair work by the company Siemens. Therefore, another gas pressure system had to be shut down.

Already on Tuesday Gazprom announced a reduction in the maximum delivery volume to 100 million cubic meters of gas per day. This corresponds to about 60 percent of the pre-planned daily volume of 167 million cubic meters of gas. A little later, the German Federal Network Agency rejected Gazprom’s statements that the delay in repairing the gas compressor unit was the reason for the decrease in gas supply volumes.

For Germany, Nord Stream 1 is the main supply pipeline for Russian gas. The Yamal-Europe line has never been filled before. The transport of Russian gas through Ukraine has also been curtailed, much less than planned. Energy prices have already risen as a result of earlier restrictions, due to generally lower gas flows from Russia to Europe. The completed Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline has yet to be commissioned.


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