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Geekbuying launches a new UI and branding strategy to celebrate the 10th anniversary

Shenzhen, China /PRNewswire/ Geekbuying, the leading Chinese online retailer specializing in cross-border export e-commerce, announced a brand upgrade in June 2022, releasing a new logo and VI system, new branding and new core values. It is changing from an online shopping platform that primarily sells electronic products to a cross-border brand channel that builds an ecosystem.

The Geekbuying team has carefully planned and designed to meet the company’s strategic development direction and improve customers’ visual and shopping experience. It transforms the typical geek style into that of an international e-commerce platform to attract a wide range of customers and attract more excellent brand partners abroad. Geekbuying will be committed to building a channel ecosystem for the world’s leading brands.

Geekbuying chooses blue and red as the primary colors for the new logo, while the background color for the site is blue and white. The initial G is in a “shopping bag” after the draft typeface; The ground is used as a prototype to simplify the abstract circle cut in the “ing” part. It symbolizes that Geekbuying is committed to building an efficient global business channel now and in the future.

Over the past 10 years, Geekbuying has fully demonstrated its potential as a leading company for Chinese brands abroad. With its global marketing expansion, the company is committed to bringing China’s brands, high-quality merchandise, efficient supply chain and first-class customer service to the world. The founder of Geekbuying said: “The 10th anniversary is an opportunity for Geekbuying to make a breakthrough. Our goal is to create an effective business channel for overseas expansion. We have three core values: respecting people, exceeding customer expectations, and striving for excellence. We always believe that users are the driving force and our goal is to be the most faithful company.”

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Based on a comprehensive brand upgrade, Geekbuying will be 10 years celebration Celebrate in June, roll out and apply the all-new image, and set up a series of special discounts for all customers.

About Geekbuying

Founded in 2012, has sold millions of products around the world over the years. Ten years of growth and development have enabled Geekbuying to form strong relationships with more than 2,000 world-famous brands. Some of the brands we work with closely are Eleglide, Roborock, Jimmy and others.


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