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Gender equality in Juvinale –

Gender equality in Juvinale –

Juvinale opened this year with what was called “Queer Selection” – that is, a selection of films dealing with homosexuality or sexual identities: “For me at that time, sexuality was a very beautiful thing and at the same time a disturbing thing as far as I was concerned.” “Because I didn’t fit into that image,” says Angelique Nagel.


She is considered one of the first transgender women in Germany – and director Elisabeth Schipper has dedicated a documentary to her: “Elisabeth comes from the same place as me and talked to me about whether I would practically participate in her film school graduation ceremony,” says the leading actress. “It’s nice to have this special screening under this strange banner, we’re excited about the other films, we’re excited about the audience and we’re just looking forward to it being nice,” said director Elisabeth Schipper from the University of Television and Film in Munich.

Short films in all fields

In addition to documentaries and feature films, music videos will also be shown – Call Girl is the title of Aymz’s new single – The singer-songwriter is now known as Amy Wald and is now non-binary, meaning she does not belong to any of the traditional genders – Eames went out for the Juvinale Vienna and returned home to Salzburg. “I am honored to see music on the big screen again,” says the musician. Where else do you get an opportunity like this? It’s really special.



This is exactly why Juvinale was founded in 2017 – every two years it offers young filmmakers a platform to present themselves and their work. “The starting point was that there are three universities here in Salzburg that deal with filmmaking. The University of Salzburg, the Mozarteum, FH Salzburg and also several neighboring universities, like HFF Munich or Baden-Württemberg. These young directors have never had the opportunity to do so,” says festival director Laura Strauss. The opportunity to show their films at any festival, but they only made well-established films.”

“It’s really nice to see that short films and more special films also have the opportunity to be shown,” says Marieke Farber, Director of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.

Selection of the best movies

More than 60 films have been screened over the past three days of the festival – finally on Saturday from 8:30 pm, the best films selected by the jury will receive the Juvinale Prize.

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