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Gender is becoming more and more intense in the United States – Donald Trump is benefiting from this

“John Mayer / he, him, his”, says under the video conference profile of an American company employee. Like many American citizens, he wants to emphasize his political correctness and use pronouns to make it clear: a John Mayer does not have to be a man – it is biased to consider him a man. Name and origin.

USA: Many Americans want to set an example when it comes to LGBTQ gender

Mentioning multiple people in the United States is becoming more common in the United States. In addition to the profile names under the zoom photos, the verbs “Anna Miller / she, she, she” or “Alex Smith / they, they, their” are also added in the plural. This specification of personal pronouns is not required by employers, but more and more Americans want to set a precedent for solidarity with the gay and trans community known as LGBTQ in the United States.

But even now enlightened American citizens have some problems to keep up with current developments: until a few years ago, LGBT characters were considered adequate – they stand for “lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer”. However, more and more letters are being added now and then – in fact updates know this: it was completely politically correct at the time of the so-called LGBTQIP2 SAA, in which questioning (i.e. listeners, experimentation) Doers), homosexuals, bisexuals, both spirits (persons who identify spiritually as male and female), androgens and homosexuals should not be excluded. According to the latest statistics, eleven percent of them do not want to engage themselves sexually.

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“X” as a gender identity on US passports

You can already use it in many states Driving license In addition to “male” and “female”, also indicate “gender” – this should be possible in US passports from the end of the year. At Disney World’s amusement parks, greetings before the evening fireworks display are no longer “welcome ladies and ladies, boys and girls”, but “dreamers of all ages”. Earlier this year, Disney removed some footage of its popular carousel ride “Jungle Cruise” so as not to offend the natives.

American universities also seem to be more careful than ever in discriminating against anyone. In addition to name tables, additional columns for preferred gender pronouns are common in student course lists over the years and professors naturally ask each student if male, female or plural accents are preferred at the beginning of the seminar.

In addition, most colleges have regular teacher training classes, which explains why asking about students’ appearance may be considered an exception. Tolerance to other religions is also a big topic in advanced training classes. Participants in these compulsory courses will pass the final test only if they can explain why understanding is necessary, for example if a strict religious Muslim man does not want to shake hands with his female boss or co-worker.

“List of repressive vocabulary”: In the United States, political correctness polarizes citizens as before

The prestigious Brandeis University near Boston recently caused a stir in this environment. Some progressive American media even mocked the publication of their comprehensive “list of repressive vocabularies.” According to the recommendations of the prestigious university, the following words should be avoided in the future: it is better to say “bananas” instead of “crazy”, “mental state” instead of “mentally ill”, “survivors” and “homeless people” instead. Instead of “people without shelter”. Numerous other examples were followed.

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According to the Pew Research Center, the United States is significantly more party-oriented than the people in Germany and France surveyed when it comes to politics. For many years, for example, “Merry Christmas” greetings were considered excluded by many American Democrats – they had long sought to include all religions through “Happy Holidays”. Fox News celebrated nothing Donald Trump “President Bringing Christmas Back”. While many American Democrats support political correctness, the majority of Republicans strongly oppose this trend.

Many American citizens think they have been able to express themselves more freely under Trump

But a survey by public broadcaster NPR / PBS News Hour may serve as a warning to Democrats, according to political experts: only about 30 percent of the population wants more political correctness in language use. Fifty-six percent of U.S. male voters said they could express themselves more freely during Trump’s tenure. In addition, the majority of all white Americans, Latinos, voters over the age of 30, and those living in suburban and rural areas strongly opposed political correctness.