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Moise is said to have been killed by mercenaries from Colombia and the United States

Haiti’s National Police have arrested 15 Colombians and two U.S. citizens in the capital, Port-au-Prince. Interim Police Chief Leon Charles said the other eight Colombians were still large, and three were killed.

Haitian police also entered the Taiwanese embassy in Port-au-Prince and arrested 11 suspects. This was announced by the Taiwanese embassy on Friday. The action went smoothly. Without any hesitation, the Taiwanese embassy gave the Haitian police the green light for the operation.

Unlike other countries, Haiti has had a full official relationship with Taiwan for 65 years. The Caribbean government is one of Taiwan’s 15 diplomatic allies. China sees Taiwan as part of the People’s Republic and is trying to isolate the island diplomatically.

At least six of the Colombian participants were said to be “former members of the National Armed Forces” from Bogot. Colombian Defense Minister Diego Molano said he had instructed the police and military to work with Haitian officials. The background of the attack is not clear.

The detainees were injured

The detainees were found with handcuffs on the ground by Haitian police. Some of them were visually injured. At one table were confiscated items: several automatic weapons, machetes, sledgehammers, a Colombian passport and cell phones. Videos on social media show that at least two of those arrested were captured by an angry mob.

President Moyes, 53, was shot dead at his home on Wednesday night. His wife, Martin, was seriously injured and was taken to the American city of Miami, about 1,000 kilometers away, for treatment.

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