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Genus Stauffer USA helps football after a hurricane

Lucas Stauffer, 25, a Jena security American, missed his last training session of the year and flew to his home in Kentucky on Friday.

After a devastating hurricane with more than 70 deaths, every aid is needed there.

Staffer was scared for hours for his loved ones!

“Of course I followed it from Germany, but no one at home answered the phone, did not go WhatsApp or SMS,” he says.

At one point he reached out to his parents. Staffer: “The hurricane struck three-quarters of an hour from my hometown. We had no electricity and all networks collapsed!

Staffer was allowed to leave early as the game against Locke was canceled.

Now he wants to help his homeland! “I participated in a fundraising appeal on Kentucky Sports Radio. For this purpose, food and clothing are collected on site, ”he explains.

After all, the whole family has lost everything. “We in Kentucky always stick together at times like this. That’s what sets us apart,” Staffer said, glad to have his parents and girlfriend in his arms on Saturday.

Others are not so lucky; Those who know him are also affected.

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