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Taiwan’s withdrawal from China: The referendum strengthens ties with the United States

Status: 19.12.2021 10:32 am

The people of Taiwan have strengthened democratic government and relations with the United States. The opposition lost four polls – including a ban on US pork imports.

Katherine Erdman, ARD Studio Tokyo

Taiwan can continue to import meat grown with growth hormone from the United States. This was one of the central results of a referendum on the Pacific island. Although not even ten percent of meat imports from the United States have come so far, opposition parties have tried to stop imports.

Katherine Erdman
ARD-Studio Tokyo

However, according to the government led by Democratic Progressive Party President Tsai Ing-wen, these imports are a step towards a joint free trade agreement with the United States to further liberate itself from China.

Nuclear power will end by 2025

The nuclear power plant, which closed a few years ago, is also not operational. Taiwan wants to do away with nuclear power by 2025. Prime Minister Xu Cheng-sang said the referendum would show public support for the government’s policies on US meat imports and energy conversion.

However, the opposition KMT leader apologized to his members for their failure in the referendum. The turnout was more than 40 percent and the results were tight.