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German Bundesliga: "Performance" draw for the Vienna derby

German Bundesliga: “Performance” draw for the Vienna derby

The food offered to 11,035 spectators was only at the General Arena, however, of a smaller type, before the break each team had a great opportunity, after the break there were two. The tie in the 333rd and 300th match in the league was the logical result. “It was a very mixed match,” Schmid said. The candidates are waiting under the leadership of the new coach after six rounds to achieve the first victory and enter the international break with the Red Lantern.

After Lukas Muhl’s goal (33), the 50-year-old could hope for a break in the form of his first win after three draws and two defeats. Marco Grol (47) thwarted his plans and shot Austria, which was four points away, to get back to the bottom of the table. “Of course I feel sick when I look at the table,” the Austria coach admitted. “It is clear that these points are not enough.”

Draw in the Vienna Derby

As in the recent past, the 333rd Vienna Derby between Austria and Rapid had no winner. The two arch-rivals shared the points with 1:1 (1:0) after goals from Lukas Muhl and Marco Grol at the Generali Arena.

Schmid sees the need for improvement and development

The next two weeks should be used extensively to start the transformation. “There were many technical shortcomings, operational errors and a lack of focus. We also failed at many stages to finish the switch cases better, and it wasn’t fun enough,” said Schmid, who saw a huge need for improvement. “I have a feeling the team is developing. “We have to work on it now so that it gets better in the next few weeks,” the former Austria player said, referring to the track.

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Players also crave a sense of accomplishment. “You should look further, but we don’t have to hide. We’ll get out of there,” right-back George Tiegel was sure. Perhaps one of the new players or the other can help. The transfer period is open until Tuesday. “You should not forget about our team situation, we have a relatively small team. I saw how Rapid Team can go up, so we replaced one young player with another,” Schmid explained.

Geba / Walter Luger

Austria coach Manfred Schmid must wait for his first league win

According to Kühbauer, the Rapid is optically superior

The squad density at Rapid, who started at the same level 11 as they were on Thursday in the Europa League promotion in Ukraine, is by no means rosy. That’s why they’re hoping to get boosts against another six EL matches in the fall. “I also believe in Santa Claus, so I am convinced he will bring something,” Kohbauer joked. It would be very good for the team to be in a better position across the board. “Because the burden does not decrease.”

The quick coach testified that his team was visually superior. “When I look at the stats, I see that we were better all around, but we didn’t bring what we could to the field,” Kohbauer summed up. “We lacked accuracy a bit, especially in the first half, when we lost a lot of balls unnecessarily. Then it made Austria happy 1-0. After the beautiful work of equalizing, we were much better in the game, we were the most active team without creating,” Kohbauer said. Big opportunities.”

Grüll ‘works very well’

Who is at the top is Grüll. The attacking player who was brought in from Red in the summer scored in the fifth consecutive game and scored seven. “Because of our team situation, Grolly had to work from the first minute, and he’s doing very well,” Kohbauer said, praising his goal. There was no sign of the 23-year-old taking off. “He is an intelligent man and he is on the ground. Despite his goals and because he is now better known, there is no indication that he has started flying.”

Grüll’s delight over his first derby goal – although he is “not a head monster”, he scored with a header – was missed by the missed win. “In the end, Austria can survive a 1-1 draw better than we can,” said the outside player. His tentative biography was positive: “We made it to the Europa League, and I scored some goals personally. Let’s hope it continues like this.”

The break comes at the right time

Grüll is one of those players who is not in the national team and can enjoy the upcoming break. Rapid has released five players, including strikers Ercan Kara and Taxiarchis Fountas. “We will use the 10 days to relax, but there are a lot of players in the national teams as well, so you can’t train what you want again,” Kohbauer said.

Anyway, the break came just in time. “If you have 13 matches in 40 days, that’s not just a physical story, it’s also a mental story. Players are not machines, they are human. I think they were really at their limits.” This was also heard from the actors themselves. “You can see we were a little tired from the many weeks we were in England,” said goalkeeper Paul Gartler. This was definitely one of the reasons for the mixed performance. After the break, Admira waits at his house, and Austria competes in LASK.