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German fighting in America

German fighting in America

German fighting in America

Two sisters Satou (25) and Nayara Sapalli (23) On Sunday (7pm CEST) the American professional basketball league will meet for the first time in the WNBA. For the two Berliners, there is a direct fight in the Chats game Dallas Wings vs New York Liberty “Something very special” with Nayara, but no surprise.

“It’s not a question of when,” 23-year-old Nayara Saballi said before the family feud: “I have a lot of faith in our abilities.” For the upcoming game, her two-year-old sister has already announced that she wants to protect the ball once she gets her hands on it.

“I’m in the mood for it,” he said Satho Sapalli. The German national player has been playing in the WNBA for four years and is now one of the stars there. With 21.8 points per game, he is currently the third best scorer in the league. Nyara Sabally made her WNBA debut this season and is currently averaging 4.6 points.

Although the two played on the same college team at Oregon, injuries and the coronavirus previously prevented the sisters from sharing a basketball court. “The last time we played together was in a school tournament, I think,” Nayara Saballi said.

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