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German Green Youth spokeswoman Hill posted on Twitter in 2015

German Green Youth spokeswoman Hill posted on Twitter in 2015

Heinrich asserted that she was part of an anti-fascist youth organization. “This tweet does not reflect my position in any way. I am really sorry that I ever posted such a tweet.” The tweet has since been deleted.

Sarah Lee Heinrich and Timon Dzenos elected the new federal spokespeople for “Young Green” on Saturday. Social science student Heinrich received 93.84 percent of the vote at the Federal Youth Organization Congress in Erfurt.

Even before her statement on Heil’s tweet, Heinrich complained on Twitter that Rights, since her election, had been trying to stir up storms against her. “I think I’m nervous about a left-wing black woman.” There were screenshots of old tweets from her, “some of which are vulgar or offensive.”

She criticized “what was intentionally removed from the footage of the tweets: it’s from 2014/2015”. “I was 13/14 years old then.” She demanded, “Hard me and would love for you to criticize me for my stances and my political work. I won’t explain myself for everything I thought and said when I was 14, I don’t ask anyone to do that either.”

On Sunday in Heinrich’s letter, Catherine Goering Eckhardt, leader of the Green Parliamentary Group, wrote: “We all make mistakes. You stand by her and apologize. Thank you for that. But also thank you for saying so clearly what it is, exclusion through poverty, by not White, through racism or indifference.”

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