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German League: Scenarios for the finals of the relegation battle

German League: Scenarios for the finals of the relegation battle


The relegation battle will be decided in the Bundesliga admiral on Friday (5 pm) in the 32nd and final round. Before the final in the qualifying group, four clubs still had to shiver: SV Gunmatique Red, TSV Eggerglass Hartberg, FC Flieralarm Admira and Cash Point SCR Altach. An overview of the different scenarios for the end of a heartbeat.

Before the last round, Altach (19 points) was at the bottom of the table, but could save himself with a home win over WSG Tirol. Hartberg (21) Rieder (21) receives at the same time, Admira (21) guest at Pasching in LASK. For their part, the Linz residents still have to worry about their starting place in the European Cup play-off.

WSG Tirol has already bagged this as the qualifying group winner. The Watteners have a home advantage in the semi-finals next Monday (7:00 p.m.). The winner of the fifth group will meet in the main group in the first and second second legs, i.e. either Rapid or WAC.

Starting position before the last lap

  • altach He is saved by a home win, as Hartburg and Reed take the points in a head-to-head duel.
  • The Admiral He is in another victory in the Senate. In the event of a tie at LASK, Südstädter passes if Altach is unsuccessful or if there is a winner between Hartberg and Ried.
  • cane Saved with a point earning at Hartberg, in the event of defeat to SVR, Admira (with a draw) and Altach (with a win) could also outperform the Cup finalists.
  • Hartburg By winning at home, in the event of a tie, the East Styrians must hope that Admira and Altach do not win.
  • Reed, Hartberg, Admira and Altach finished the season link, the Innviertler and Vorarlbergers will be ranked ahead of their competitors due to rounding after splitting points. So there is no small table of four clubs, but each has a significance Live duels. Altaş would have the advantage against Reed due to the number of goals scored away from home. Hartberg would have an advantage against Admira due to a better goal difference in a head-to-head duel. Altach would be ninth if there was a tie, while Admira relegated.
  • subordinate Lask In the play-off match, by defeating Admira at home. If only Linz tied, they would only be third if Reed succeeded. Innviertler won the head-to-head duel with their local rivals.
  • The Admiral It can take second place. If Herzog’s team wins at LASK and there is a tie between Hartberg and Reed, Südstadt is in the playoff.
  • Hartburg He also feels his opportunity. The Styrians go into the playoff with a home win if LASK loses to Admira.
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