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World Cup - ÖEHV Team Leader Bader: "It's beautiful when ecstasy breaks out" - winter sports - ice hockey

World Cup – ÖEHV Team Leader Bader: “It’s beautiful when ecstasy breaks out” – winter sports – ice hockey

Austria completed their second international doubles match in five days at the Ice Hockey World Championships in Finland.

After Sweden and the United States at first, the Czech Republic and Norway followed. While the national team continued to put in the best performances against the two world teams against the six-time world champions and caused a real sensation of winning in the penalty shootout, the fatigue was already evident in the 3:5 against Norskir.

“It’s a very difficult time for everyone involved,” team boss Roger Bader said at a press conference the day after the bankruptcy. The Swiss are looking forward to a day off like the ÖEHV cracks, because four matches in five days is “an insane burden. Not only for the players, but also for the staff and coaches, who do a lot of follow-up work.”

Dynasty “until the nation notices higher”

Now is the time to build the batteries for the third and final double against Latvia and Finland (both matches on Friday and Saturday). Live tape >>>) to ship. As the batteries come close to emptying, the tight program affects both physical and mental matter.

“We were the only team to have played four matches in five days. We are one of two teams to have played seven matches in 10 days,” the schedule is a thorn in the Swiss side.

“For example, if we were in the other group, which is much easier in itself, than France, then we would have seven matches in twelve days. That’s two more days, and that’s a lot,” he argues. “Even a large nation will notice. It’s a very demanding programme.”

The ÖEHV team feels the euphoria that erupts

“It’s great when there’s a bit of euphoria because we played so well against three top teams. It was extraordinary.”

The Swiss was even more excited when looking back at the match against the Czech Republic, where he “was very pleased with the performance”.

On Tuesday, shortly after Peter Schneider’s decisive penalty, there wasn’t much to see in that state of mind, the team boss was very focused on that. “In the game, I’m in a world of my own, in a bubble and a flow.”

It made him proud of how his players carried out tactical instructions, got into duels and were able to “impose the luck of the match on our side. That was of course a very great experience,” Bader later admits, who once again delivered a “super performance” up front.

Which was also valued accordingly in Austria, even causing an outbreak of euphoria. It should also act as a catalyst for future assignments.

“The players noticed it, but we also talked about it. They shouldn’t let themselves be affected too much either way. You don’t benefit from that. Neither in one case nor in the other,” Bader warns.

But the country’s spirit of optimism also makes his eyes light up: “It’s great when a little euphoria breaks out because we’ve played so well against three top teams. That was fantastic.”

Badr does not want to disguise himself in the performance against Norway

This has rarely been the case in recent years. Many disappointments had to be put in place, especially since the stigma of Bratislava was still not forgotten.

But the World Cup in Finland is in no way comparable to the one in Slovakia three years ago. The team has matured, several newcomers have contributed perfectly, and all the veterans are playing at their highest levels. The cracks seem to be driven by the bones, but we must slowly applaud the hardships.

That was clear against Norway. The head and legs looked tired, many small mistakes were thrown into the game. And those are punished coldly at the top level, though Bader tends to stress that “the performance wasn’t that bad”.

Penalty kick ‘very difficult’ against Wimer

ÖEHV’s longtime coach emphasizes the positive and is pleased with the dominant performance in the latter part of the match, which was marred only by a penalty kick against Philipp Wijmer due to a check against Norway president Erik Salstein.

Photo: © GEPA

A punishment that Badr finds “very harsh”. It will be decided Thursday evening whether the only 20-year-old will face a ban. The 57-year-old doesn’t see youthful enthusiasm as a motive for action. “It would be cliched,” he says. “It’s 1.95 meters tall, so sometimes things like that happen.”

“His arm was in the opponent’s face. On the other hand, he cannot tie his arm behind his back. It was also said that he jumped. This is not true. If you look at the moment he called the Norwegian player looking at a still image, then his feet fall to the ground,” Bader explains. .

The team manager, anxiously awaiting “what is the penalty” for the defender, said the force of the impact would only lift his feet. “I don’t hope it was exaggerated because I think he took a normal kick – a two-minute penalty was enough.”

The goalkeeper’s question against Latvia is already settled

However, the match is expected to be suspended, which will force Badr to play in the next important match on Friday against Latvia (7:20 pm). Live tape >>>) to make more than planned changes in the squad.

In any case, defender Eric Kirchlager is sure to return, and Bernard Starkbaum will guard the goal against Paltin in place of David Kickert.

Contrary to the ÖEHV’s selection, the Latvians still play the Czech Republic on Wednesday night, which could lead to a similar advantage as Norway against Austria. or? “We’ll see. Latvian players come mainly from the KHL and they are used to big pressure and long trips,” Bader says.

Badr warns of the Baltic countries…

“They have a group of good players from Switzerland and KHL as well as the National Hockey League,” Bader said. A-Nation has long been a “hard-to-break nut.” The last victory over Balts 6:3 was at the 2013 World Cup in Helsinki. In the last duel in Bratislava, Austria lost 2:5.

According to Bader, Latvia is a team that comes right after the top teams. “They are never afraid to stay up, they are always in the first set. It will take a good performance to force our luck into the game and get the points.”

You can’t afford a similar start to the match against Norway, and the ÖEHV boss knows that too. He prefers to hope the team can repeat the last 20 minutes against the Scandinavians.

… and determines the direction

Bader is not thinking of changing the strategy of the game, because they did nothing different against Norskir than they did against Sweden, the United States and the Czech Republic. “It’s fairly independent of opponents,” adds the Winterthur native.

Austria wants to let its fans cheer again

Photo: © GEPA

Once again “to have a performance as we showed against the USA and the Czech Republic if we want to win”. The win will also be important in terms of relegation, so as not to leave the decision-maker against Great Britain in the lead.

However, Latvia is the favorite in the ÖEHV’s second main match, and the underdog clearly fits the cracks. And perhaps the setback came at the right time, because Roger Bader was also aware that the miracle against the Czech Republic made something mental for the players.

“When you’re in the game, you may want to instinctively. After the best performance in the last three games, you may want to indulge in another pass or cross.” Of course, he does not want to ascribe any intention to his representatives, this is more due to instinct.

ÖEHV has to stay in league and ‘fight for cheaper schedule’

The unfortunate defeat must now be brought to an end and the focus should be fully focused on Latvia. Players have a day off on Thursday, and there will only be one-on-one conversations. In order to clear their heads, the cracks were given “two or three tips” for short breaks before the World Cup.

The team manager also takes a short break before preparing for the final missions of the “Mission to Remain in the League”. Ultimately this must be successfully designed so that we can deal with such burdens in the future.

“Obviously experience plays a role. When you have that, you can handle the pressure better. But you only learn that by being there. I hope we can stay together, so maybe we have a better plan for the game next year and we have another plan for the group, But we have to fight for that first.”

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