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Germany is Eberhoferland: KAISERSCHMARRNDRAMA has stormed the charts of German cinema (PHOTO)

Germany is Eberhoferland: KAISERSCHMARRNDRAMA has stormed the charts of German cinema (PHOTO)

Munich (OTS) Niederkaltenkirchen is everywhere: with more than 230,000 enthusiastic spectators Kaiserschmarndrama The most successful German theatrical film show since the beginning of the epidemic, and immediately topped the list of cinematic films. And that’s not all: despite the capacity constraints in cinemas, this is in fact the most successful opening score of the entire Eberhofer film series. Simply wonderful, these “happy (professional) failures and confusions” (quote: director Ed Herzog)!

Not only in Bavaria, but also beyond the white sausage equator, no other German film has attracted more cinema visitors since March 2020 than the seventh film in the Eberhofer series after the cult novels by Rita Falk. The ‘Bavarian League’ officially crowned the Germans’ new favorite police officer; For Eberhofer’s committed fan base, there hasn’t been a long time ago a more famous investigative duo than the Eberhofer/Birkenberger dream team.

Kaiserschmarndrama Thus, he follows in the footsteps of the highly successful Eberhofer film series, which to date has reached more than 5.8 million viewers in German-speaking countries, mainly in Bavaria. LEBERKÄSJUNKIE, the sixth installment in the Constantin film series, also received the “Audience Award for the Decade” at this year’s Bavarian Film Award. The audience was invited to crown their favorites from the audience award winners of the past 10 years.

for Kaiserschmarndrama Director Ed Herzog and successful producer Kirsten Schmidbauer have once again assembled the Niederkaltenkirchen band: in addition to Sebastian Bezel and Simon Schwartz as the detective’s dream team, Lisa Maria Potthoff will once again play the role of Susi, as will Enzy Fox, Issey Golbe, Gerhard Wittmann, Siggy Zemphen, Danielle Christensen, Zener, Max Schmidt, Nora Waldstatten, and Michael Ostrowski.

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Kaiserschmarndrama It is Constantin Film’s co-production with ARD Degeto and Bayerischer Rundfunk and was funded by Germany’s FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, Filmförderungsanstalt and Germany’s Filmförderfonds. In addition to director Ed Herzog and producer Kirsten Schmidbauer, co-producers Stephanie Heckner (Brazil), Katja Kirchen (ARD Digitto) and Kristen Strobel (ARD Digitto) are also involved in the production. The script was written by Stefan Betz and Ed Herzog based on the novel by Rita Falk.

Theatrical release: August 5, 2021, distributed by Constantin Films

Performers: Sebastian Petzel, Simone Schwartz, Lisa Maria Potthoff, Enzy Fox, Issey Ghalib, Gerhard Wittmann, Sigi Zemiegart, Daniel Christensen, Stefan Zener, Max Schmidt, Nora Walstatten, Ferdinand Hofer, Thomas Kugel, Michael Ostrowski, Maria Hofstadter And as guests Kristen Neubauer and Willie Astor

Executive Producer: Kristen Roth

Co-producers: Stephanie Heckner (Brazil), Katia Kirchen (ARD Degeto), Kristen Strobel (ARD Degeto)

project: Christine Schmidbauer

script: Stephen Betz And Ed Herzog Based on a novel by Rita Falk

exit: Ed Herzog

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