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Royal news: Prince Harry - Meghan's brother warned to go hand in hand against the Duchess

Royal news: Prince Harry – Meghan’s brother warned to go hand in hand against the Duchess

Meghan’s brother, Thomas Markle Jr., is currently a guest on the Australian version of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ and doesn’t say a kind word about the Duchess. BILD: Getty Images / Chris Jackson

Royal news: Prince Harry – Meghan’s brother warned to go hand in hand against the Duchess

Even months after Harry and Meghan’s big meeting with Oprah Winfrey, there is a rift in the British royal family. The Prince’s brief visit to his home at the beginning of July did nothing to change that, although his father Charles should be ready to discuss. Harry is now writing his memoirs, the publication of which could add fuel to the fire.

His wife Megan is also experiencing headwinds from many sides, including her own family. The bond between her, her father and her brother is said to have been severed. Meanwhile, the two of them live in the USA, where they do their own projects and charities work later.

But she also remains turbulent about other members of the royal family. In our news blog we report on events about the British Royals. You can find our previous blog about the royal family over here.

9. August

11:45 am: Thomas Markle Jr vs. Meghan realizes

in a Australia Launching a new season of “Big Brother VIP”, which is equivalent to “Celebrity Big Brother”. This year, the residents of the containers include none other than Thomas Markle Jr., Meghan’s half-brother. He announced in advance that he wanted to talk about his sister in front of the cameras and now a trailer shows that he is keeping his promise.

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“I said to Prince Harry, I think it will be yours Life ruin'”, Thomas openly declared in the clip. He also shot Meghan: “She’s so superficial.” On the other hand, he describes himself as “everyone’s big brother”.

It is alleged that contact between Meghan and her half-brother has been cut off for years and the Duchess’s relationship with her father is said to have been very hot. Apparently, however, Thomas Markle is interested in Link His daughter improved again. As it was recently inTMZHe revealed that he sent flowers to Meghan for her 40th birthday.

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