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Gernot Kulis - HOLD THE LINE - "Best of 20 Years Ö3-Callboy"

Gernot Kulis – HOLD THE LINE – “Best of 20 Years Ö3-Callboy”

© Hans Leitner

Here comes the Summer Open Air Tour! Gernot Collis is rocking outdoor performances in the country with his hit show “HOLD THE LINE -” Best of 20 Years Ö3-Callboy.” His first and perhaps most famous radio section of the Ö3 alarm clock has been available as a stage show since last year and has delighted audiences across Austria .

In addition to the live calls, backstories and highlights from 20 years of Ö3 callboy, a lot of personal information has been revealed: “I am, in fact, a storyteller seeking direct inspiration. “If you notice something strange, I do not ignore it, but I do something from him.” Secrets were also revealed, which celebrity calls were not sent or how many times Gernot Collis picked up the phone: “1500 successful calls went on air, which requires about 15,000 phone calls”.

At the callboy show, for the first time, the calls will be made live on stage. “The challenge for me in this offer is that I do not end up laughing at live calls. In the studio you can turn off the microphone, but you can’t do it live. When one of the attendees laughs from the front rows, it is usually related to me,Gernot Collis said.

We will be giving away 3×2 tickets for “Gernot Kulis – HOLD THE LINE” on July 28 at Theater im Park!

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