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Get this massive MMO for free for a short while

Get this massive MMO for free for a short while

You can now grab Black Desert for free on Steam – but only for a limited time. (photo: Pearl Abyss)

Although Epic releases new games once a week, Steam players can also get games for free from time to time. Developer Pearl Abyss presents MMO game Black Desert. But the campaign only lasts for a short time – so hurry up!

Black Desert for free on Steam

As is often the case, Steam is right around the corner with a free-to-play campaign where you can buy a specific game for free for a short time. This time it’s up Black Desert. An MMO with a huge open world costs 9.99 euros. You can even do that March 9, 2023 at 7 p.m However, it is absolutely safe and free. Here is the store page on Steam:

Black Desert

As is typical of an MMO, there is always plenty to do in the Black Desert. Explore the vast world, immerse yourself in action-packed battles, take part in burger raids, defeat fat world bosses or hone your many skills. Regular events It also keeps you on your toes. If you don’t have a picture of Black Desert yet, you can check out the game’s trailer here:

The official gameplay trailer for Black Desert Online

If you’re looking to start Black Desert as a full-fledged beginner, the developers have something for you A guide with practical tips Available on Steam:

To beginners guide

What do players say about this MMO?

On Steam, the massive RPG is currently having a game Mixed rating. 68 percent of recent reviews are positive. And also on Metacritic Black Desert only has 73 solid points.

What is bothering players right now?
The biggest criticism is about the grind and the amount of time you have to invest in the game. In addition, some players accuse the pay-to-win MMO. Without the use of real money, many things are at least a little more difficult.

Also this Upgrading items is often criticizedBecause it depends on what luck you get. Items can break in the process.

In addition to the negative points, most players praise above all its smoothness and A combat system equipped with fantasy animations. The game also offers many different ways to vent to the world.

Want more open-world forage? The year 2023 is full of riches:

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