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Vienna Acoustics Haydn SE Signature, Liszt reference

Vienna Acoustics Haydn SE Signature, Liszt reference

The manufacturer Vienna Acoustics, which specializes in the design and manufacture of impressive transducers, is located in quiet Weigelsdorf, about 40 kilometers south of Vienna. There are now revised versions of Haydn’s and Liszt’s models which had already been successfully presented.

Vienna Acoustics Haydn SE Signature: Bi-directional compact

This new version of the Haydn SE compact speaker is equipped with a patented mid-bass driver Specially arranged reinforcing bars It should provide better control and more power. The membrane is made of a mixture of three different polymers.

Vienna Acoustics Haydn SE Signature compact loudspeaker: one with front cover, one without – and back view

In the high-frequency range, Vienna Acoustics relies on a hand-wrapped 1.1-inch silk dome tweeter. The speaker has a distinctive sound pressure level of 88.5 dB/W/m and comes in a choice of real cherry or rosewood veneers – or real black and white piano finish.

Vienna Acoustics Haydn Liszt Ref: Three-way loudspeaker

Vienna Acoustics Haydn Liszt’s repertory – see large teaser photo above – has an unusual two-part cabinet design. At the bottom are three 7-inch drivers with flat diaphragms, two of which operate in a separate chamber and reproduce only the bass range – the third provides the transition to the low and mid range.

Vienna Haydn Liszt Coaxial Reference Acoustics System

The Vienna Acoustics Haydn Liszt Reference coaxial system has a flat diaphragm for the midrange and a ring tweeter for the radiator

In the upper area is a pivot system, and consists of a mid-range driver and tweeter, which are constructed like a circular radiator. The top can be rotated so that the mid and high range can be aligned with the listening position as desired. Here, too, there are versions in black/white piano lacquer or real cherry/rosewood veneer.

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the prices:

  • Vienna Acoustics Haydn SE signature: from 2,898 euros
  • Vienna Acoustics Liszt Repertoire: from 14,998 euros

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