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Giant cargo ship creates traffic jams on Suez Canal – VG

Giant cargo ship creates traffic jams on Suez Canal – VG

Stuck: The Evergreen ship blocks the Suez Canal. The ship is bound for Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Photo: Sea Transport

A container ship passing through the Suez Canal got stuck on Tuesday, now blocking traffic on the main route.


According to Guardian The Evergreen is 400 meters long and weighs 220,000 tons.

The Suez Canal in Egypt is 190 km long, 24 m deep and about 205 m wide. It connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea and is the fastest sea route between Europe and Asia.

According to Cairo News The container vessel is now at an angle of about 45 degrees across the canal, thus blocking traffic between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

Julianne Gona has posted a picture of the situation on the cargo ship Mersk Denver on Instagram. On their voyage along the Suez Canal they followed behind Evergreen.

– I hope it doesn’t take long, but the ship seems to be stuck, he writes.

The Suez Canal is considered one of the most important arteries in the world for shipping, and now has at least 100 vessels lined up Bloomberg.

Transportation through the canal is carried out with daily travel in both north and south directions. The news agency writes that about 42 ships are now on their way to the Northern Conway or on this site. The southern convoy has about 64 ships.

Several feverish attempts have been made to free the ship, and Egyptian port officials have sent cranes, duckboats and excavators.

According to Cairo 24, NTP writes that the ship could block traffic on the critical canal for “at least two days”.

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According to the news website, it was a mechanical failure that led to the ship definitely landing, landing and now stuck in the mud, NTP writes.

The ship is owned by the Taiwanese shipping company Evergreen and is registered in Panama. It was on its way from the Chinese port of Ningbo to Rotterdam in the Netherlands, the website said Vesselfinder, It monitors shipping.

The Africa Times writes that the ship departed from the port of Tawfiq on Monday night.

According to Cairo News The accident may have been caused by a technical glitch on the cargo ship. According to a source who spoke to the newspaper through the channel, it could take at least two days for the error to be corrected and the ship unloaded again.