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As far as the NRK understands, the Sporting Special Commission for the Fraudberg case will convene an inquiry on April 12.

The starting point was the report submitted by Sporting’s own team for intelligence, surveillance and security, the EOS Committee, to elected representatives on February 25.

The Friedberg trial is over – kept secret

The report was fully sealed. But Storting received the report the next day at the request of the President.

It was then read by members of a special commission appointed by Sporting that included representatives from all parties.

He has read the secret of Fratberg: – A serious matter

The Commission wants access to all or part of the Ford Berg report, which refers to what happened when Norwegian intelligence sent him as a courier on several missions.

The e-service and the Ministry of Defense did not want to confirm that Frodberg was working for them, but after Berg returned to Norway he was awarded NOK 4.3 million in compensation by the public prosecutor.

Frodberg spent almost two years in a Russian prison.

Photo: Morton Gentoft

Relations with the United States are important

This week, the Ministry of Defense announced that it had not yet provided Fordberg with the report, on the grounds that it would damage Norwegian intelligence’s relations with other countries’ services.

As far as the NRK is concerned, it is particularly concerned with the relationship with US intelligence, which by all accounts was more interested in the details of the intelligence activity that Fraudberg was a part of..

Frodberg took the news and money he wanted to contact Russia to the Chevroletvinsk, where Russia builds and maintains its nuclear submarines.

Frodberg: It all started in 2014 in a small restaurant in northwestern Russia

What is not known to the Norwegian Electric Service is that the entire operation was monitored by the Russian security service FSP, which finally arrested Frode Berg in December 2017 in Moscow.

He was later sentenced to 14 years in prison for spying. Berg was released in November 2019 following a transfer agreement between Lithuania and Russia.

The Sorting

Most hearings in the Fordberg case take place in a closed room in the basement of the Sporting building

Photo: Door Ellingsetter / NRK

Closed investigation into Storting’s basement

The special commission appointed by Sporting may meet once a week.

As far as the NRK understands, Fraud Berg has agreed to be summoned for a hearing, and the goal of having access to certain parts of his case report has not been abandoned.

In addition to Ine Eriksen Sreide, Sporting wants to hear from current Defense Minister Frank Buckeye-Jensen and key figures in the power service and representatives of the EOS team.

Basically, it will be hearings in a closed room in the basement of the Sorting building.

But this may be appropriate for a somewhat open inquiry and for direct reference to the media. It is scheduled to take place on April 12th.

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