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Giovanni Zarella: debut in Italy

Giovanni Zarella: debut in Italy

It is known that Giovanni Zarrella came from Heeschingen (Baden-Württemberg). He was raised bilingual – German and Italian – too. Isn’t it conceivable that he is successful in both countries?

Giovanni Zarella: He will slow Also known in “Bella Italia”.

In fact, so far he has worked mainly in Germany. The Giovanni Zarella Show has also been broadcast in Switzerland since 2022. An invitation from Michel Hunziker now takes him across the Alps to his second home, where he spent a few years in his youth. However, it is relatively unknown there. This is going to change.

Michelle Hunzker: She invited him

The two got to know each other in “Wetten, dass…?”. Now Michele Hunziker has invited him to her own show “Michel Impossible”, which is shown on Italian TV on Canal 5. “Among other things, we’ll sing Valenti’s ‘Come a Little to Italy’ together,” she revealed to “BILD.” At 8.15 pm it is finally time for Giovanni Zarrella: he will appear in Italy for the first time.

Giovanni Zarella: It was also a big event for his family

For personal reasons in particular, this has to be one of Giovanni Zarella’s biggest looks. As an Italian, he has Italian relatives, but his career in Italy was a long time coming. We hope that will change now. He’s really excited about BILD: “I’m so excited, proud and grateful for Michelle. When you know the whole Italian family is watching and saying: “Oh, the boy has become a thing after all.” Finally, believe me.”