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Amateur Playgroup Raps – “Aura on a Crash Course”: A turbulent drama in the streaming box

Amateur Playgroup Raps – “Aura on a Crash Course”: A turbulent drama in the streaming box

The amateur Raab theater group includes Renate Meyer, Roland Hauer, Verena Strohmer, Sandra Kaschek, Albert Saenitzer and Michaela Duran, as well as director Helene Schemani, guide Veronica Schemani and technician Johan Meyer.

Gerald Moathsam

RThe Absar band registered an attendance and provided entertainment.

The Rabs Amateur Theater Group’s theatrical production this year was not boring for a minute. On the one hand, this was because of the theatricality, and on the other hand, because of the vocal and physical presence of the actors.

The title of the piece, “Aura on a Course Course,” already reveals a lot about the scene. Because hippie Bernie, played believably by Renate Meyer, is in the middle of filming the advertising video for her new company when her husband returns unexpectedly early from a business trip. He had little joy when his hobby room became a cosmic neutral place of active love, where everyone found access to the spiritual world and relief from mental and physical problems.

Everything gets out of control

When he discovered that his wife wanted to bypass the tax office, the marital quarrel was complete and Bernie’s aura was completely destroyed. But this should not be the only problem for husband Marcus. Because his daughter Clarissa joined a gang and now has a black lip tattoo on her forehead. Everything got out of hand for Marcus because he was not on a business trip but was meeting his girlfriend.

He confessed this to his friend Gerhard and it was filmed with the film producer’s camera, which was still working. I suspected there would be a lot of hush money. But Marcus did not want to pay, so she reported the family to the tax office. In addition, his friend Gerhard, played very amusingly by Albert Saenitzer, develops into a “flirt” after Bernie aggressively treats him and no woman is safe from him anymore.

The constant presence of the Rapser band provided the visitors with an enjoyable evening. Of course there is still some potential to be discovered, but as amateur actors they gave an engaging performance.

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