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Giovanni Zarella: Gold Edition and Guest Presentation

Giovanni Zarella: Gold Edition and Guest Presentation

Giovanni Zarella publishes the gold edition of “Ciao”

Two great news for Giovanni Zarella fans (43): A day before his second show, the singer released a gold version of his current album “Cioa”.. What distinguishes this version: This version contains two CDs. More details aren’t known yet, but fans can definitely look forward to some extras.

The Gold Edition will be released on November 12 – just one day before the second “Giovanni Zarella Show” on ZDF. Now the first guests are already known.

“Giovanni Zarrella Show” on the morning of November 13

On September 13, Giovanni Zarella will give his second big show. The first guests have now been announced on the Instagram account of the “backstagebygiovannizarrella” event. By the way: fans can also ask questions to their stars on the channel. So far, four guests have been confirmed:

Jasmine Wagner (41), which became famous in the nineties as a flower, Sarah Zucker (31) Ben Zucker’s little sister (38), Carsten Walter (28), a former Fireheart member and Jessica Fals (44) of no angels. Now fans can look forward to more great stars – and they’re guaranteed to come.

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