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Here Ryan Reynolds lets her rip

Here Ryan Reynolds lets her rip

The hit movie “Free Guy” with Ryan Reynolds is currently still showing in German cinemas. But you can actually watch the movie on stream next week.

With “free manDirector Shawn Levy and lead actor Ryan Reynolds are a real hit. With 80% positive reviews and 94% audience ratings. rotten tomatoes Both viewers and critics were very satisfied. From a financial perspective, “Free Guy” is also a hit with gross earnings of over $300 million. In just a few days, the adventure of the video game hero of the same name can also be enjoyed on your home screens.

‘Free Guy’ will soon be added to the Disney + collection: here you can secure the subscription

As Disney announced via a press release, “Free Guy” will be from 29. September 2021 They are available for purchase and rental on all major streaming platforms. Disney+ subscribers will also find the title on offer from September 29, 2021 at no additional cost star. About a week after October 7, 2021Collectors will also get their money’s worth. Because then “Free Guy” will appear on DVD, Blu-ray, 4K UHD Blu-ray and as a limited home cinema Blu-ray book.

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Lots of additional material for “Free Guy”

In “Free Guy,” the racy man goes through the same daily routine: getting up, going to work at the Free City Bank, letting the gangsters rob the bank and coming home and sleeping. However, one day, a charity bank employee notices that he’s part of a video game, and as an ordinary non-player character, he suddenly stumbles into a world that was previously completely bereft of him. Before he knows it, Guy becomes a true internet phenomenon and gets involved in an adventure he won’t be able to get out of anytime soon. “Free Guy” is an action packed journey filled with humor, magic and many references from the vastness of the internet and video game world.

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Anyone who chooses a Blu-ray release will find additional bonus material on the disc in addition to the feature film. These include extended and additional scenes, breakdowns from filming as well as four entertaining features that give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse.

In “Dude vs. Guy” Ryan Reynolds, Shawn Levy and the stunt team tell about creating the ultimate showdown, while “The Creation of Molotovgirl” shows you how programmer Jodie Corner became a virtual action legend. In “Taika’s World”, director and actor Taika Waititi speaks and “Welcome to Free City” highlights the concept of the virtual location of “Free Guy”. So fans of the movie are provided with enough extras.

If you don’t want to miss “Free Guy” on the big screen, you can still watch the colorful action scene in German cinemas.

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