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Glass is half full: Hope in America – Podcast

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The glass is half full – hope in the United States

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Insight USA is a podcast by Stephen Schwarzkopf, US correspondent for the Welt news channel.

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As a political correspondent, Steffen Schwarzkopf often experiences the United States as a torn country, marked by political trench warfare and mutual accusations. When he is out and about personally, a completely different mindset emerges: a country full of warm people, whose faith is contagious.

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EThere seem to be two Americas: Political America appears with a divided, uncompromising, dark future. America, on the other hand, is designed for warm, hospitable, undeniable confidence in personal encounters. Our American correspondent is surprised that so little has been reported about the latter in the past. There is no justification for his personal experiences as an American hopeless divided mob that is widespread in Germany. The positive attitude of many Americans, their belief that things will take a good turn if you try, is not limited to President Biden. It enters the Schwarzkopf house, for example with daughter Jet and wife Julia.

Within the United States The podcast was made by Stephen Schwarzkopf, US correspondent for the news channel WELT. Stephen gives a behind-the-scenes view of Washington’s political life and the American people’s. After all, he often talks about what you can not see on TV or on the Internet at this time. And about the ever-easier family life with his wife Julia and children Dill and Jet. Four years after Donald Trump, Stephen has to deal with the changed reality under the new US President Joe Biden.

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