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US and Venezuela resume direct talks – after diplomatic standoff

US and Venezuela resume direct talks – after diplomatic standoff

Venezuelan President Maduro has announced direct talks with the US – which began today. (File photo) (AP/Matias Delacroix)

Representatives of the two governments met for a web conference. This was announced by the President of the Venezuelan Parliament, Rodriguez X. He wrote that the aim of the talks was to improve bilateral relations. According to information from the Venezuelan newspaper “El Nacional”, the dialogue will continue next week on a private level, possibly in Mexico.

Venezuelan President Maduro announced the start of direct talks a week ago. Relations between the socialist-ruled country and the United States have long been strained by US sanctions. The reason for the US punitive measures is to suppress the Venezuelan opposition.

Venezuela will hold presidential elections in three weeks. Despite significant hurdles from the government, an opposition coalition is leading the polls.

This message was sent on July 4, 2024 in the Deutschlandfunk program.

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