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Gmail receives improvements to spam emails and newsletters

Gmail receives improvements to spam emails and newsletters

Gmail is getting several improvements around newsletters.

Gmail on the web previously had a built-in button to report spam and unsubscribe from newsletters, but Google will change this and make it easier to use. Users are no longer supposed to report something as spam but actually just want to unsubscribe from the newsletter and vice versa.

In the past few weeks, Google has already incorporated more improvements to its newsletter emails so that users can unsubscribe more easily. This is currently being rolled out for Android and also on the web.

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At the same time, there is a separation of the two functions that were previously combined into a single button in the menu.

…We know it's common for people to receive spam even though they initially chose to receive these messages from brands or organizations. These messages often come from legitimate senders, and being marked as spam can negatively impact the sender's email reputation and possibly affect the deliverability of future emails.

This dialog box should no longer appear, in the following screenshot:

01-21-2024 06-49-15

This year, Google is asking larger newsletter senders to support unsubscribe buttons in services like Gmail. This makes it easy for users to quickly unsubscribe from newsletters directly in Gmail without having to spend a long time searching for a way.

The only innovation Gmail is getting now isn't in newsletters.

Gmail for Android gets a powerful new newsletter feature

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