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Mozilla is launching a new app for Apple iOS in beta

Mozilla is launching a new app for Apple iOS in beta

The Mozilla Innovation Team has released Didthis, a new app for Apple iOS, in beta. Didthis is a kind of digital diary of hobbies and projects that you can either record your progress for yourself or share with other people.

In December, Mozilla's innovation team drew attention to itself with several AI projects: Solo is a website builder that relies on AI to create websites, llamafile revolutionizes access to AI and thus chatbot technology, and MemoryCache is a native AI assistant Artificial Intelligence, and finally, the Mozilla AI Guide, a reference work on the subject of artificial intelligence aimed at developers. However, the project now presented by Mozilla's innovation team has nothing to do with artificial intelligence at all.

According to Mozilla, hobbies aren't just about the end result, they're also about the journey to get there. with I did this Users can record progress in their hobby in the form of text, images and links. So it serves as a kind of digital diary for personal projects. You can either keep your progress to yourself or share it with other people via a URL.

Didthis is a new app for Apple iOS, which can be installed as a beta via Testflight. An Android version of Didthis is not available at the moment, but you can put yourself on a waiting list to be notified once it is available.

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