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Gmund – Entrepreneurship Week at the School Center: Success came on skis

Gmund – Entrepreneurship Week at the School Center: Success came on skis

For several years, the school center has been trying to impart entrepreneurship to its students in its own way and give them a taste of the practical experience of being a startup founder. “Entrepreneurship Week” will be held for the sixth time in the week following the semester break. Business ideas were developed, business plans were drawn up, and discussions were held at “business dinners” in the conservatory in Sole-Felsenwelt.

The presentations took place on Friday at the Gmund Chamber of Commerce – in front of a jury composed of Andreas Hahn (Eton), Michael Datler (Waldviertler Sparkass), Karina Votava (Volksbank), Andreas Meixner (Raiffeisen Bank) and Gabriela Steiner (Steiner Apparel). cleaner) and Andreas Weber (Avia Gmünd station). Business ideas increasingly include sustainability aspects, and applications have never been a problem. 43 students from the Business Academy and Advanced Courses participated in the course in eleven groups.

Input from business people from the area

The deadline for ideas began in December, and there was input from regional entrepreneurs during the week. You can notice greater professionalism in the preparation, says Birgitte Starck, who is responsible for organizing the week. Feedback from external parties is also taken into account when preparing Entrepreneurship Week, so the school also develops from year to year.

Marcel Zahradnik, Clemens Leitner, Nico Weiler and Hoang Pham Minh of the “Stick & Slide Ski” – touring skis with extendable spikes – took third place. The Kenans (Heidimarie Interholz, Melanie Stendel, Adelina Minarikova, and Natalie Hanchelova) came in second place, playing a money game about the responsible use of money for primary school children. Victory went to Jake Ski. Amelie Applettinger, Elena Blahosh, Julia Weninger and Katerina Bartonskova created ski boot covers to protect against slipping and dirt.

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