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Lufthansa threatens to cancel flights again

Lufthansa threatens to cancel flights again

The next strike is already approaching: Germany's Verdi union has once again called on Lufthansa's ground staff to strike. Accordingly, it was announced that employees will stop working from Tuesday from 4:00 am until Wednesday at 7:10 am. Verdi had already called on Lufthansa's ground staff to strike at five German airports at the beginning of February, which lasted about 27 hours. Lufthansa was forced to cancel about 900 flights out of 1,000 scheduled flights, affecting about 100,000 passengers.

Lufthansa says it is now working on a special flight plan. The airline explained that “more than 100,000 passengers were affected again.” “This is not the way to fulfill our shared responsibility to our employees and guests, and to a strong and reliable Lufthansa,” Nijgemann explained. He added: “Our goal remains to reach a rapid agreement, and this can only be achieved at the negotiating table.”

Collective bargaining is scheduled to continue Wednesday. Lufthansa introduced a new offer last week. According to the airline, it provides for a salary increase of at least 10% over twelve months and “timely payment” of tax-free inflation compensation bonuses totaling €3,000. The duration of the collective agreement must be 25 months. Verdi is demanding a 12.5 percent salary increase and at least 500 euros per month for twelve months for Lufthansa's 25,000 employees. Verdi is also demanding a bonus of 3,000 euros to compensate for inflation. “Groundworkers once again feel insulted,” Reczynski explained regarding Lufthansa’s current offer.

Verdi also announced that marches were scheduled to take place at Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg airports during the warning strike.

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Pilots strike at Lufthansa Holidays Discover

Meanwhile, a strike by pilots at Lufthansa Holidays subsidiary Discover Airlines, called by the Cockpit Association (VC), continues until Monday evening. According to the company, eight of the airline's 19 flights, which depart from Frankfurt and Munich, will be canceled on Sunday. Passengers will be rebooked on flights of other Lufthansa airlines. On Saturday, a third of Discover's flights were unable to take off as planned. The VC wants to force the conclusion of collective agreements for the first time at the still young airline, which has about 400 cockpit employees on a fleet of 24 aircraft.