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GNTM Model News: Lou-Anne and Mother Martina from March 16th on ZAPPN

GNTM Model News: Lou-Anne and Mother Martina from March 16th on ZAPPN

Following their adventure in GNTM, on March 16 Lou-Anne & Martina will debut the ZAPPN-only exclusive series “Be More, Be You” and help women gain personality, style and beauty.

Region / Vienna. Strong women who stand for self-confidence and positive charisma – In ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’, Lower Austrian mother and daughter Lu-Ann (19) and Martina (51) caused a stir with their performances and positive charisma and built a large fan base, who follow the two’s adventures and get inspired their positive spirit.

Whether it’s beauty, style or personality – at Be More, Be You, Lou-Anne and Martina want to support those who want to pursue their professional and private dreams or who are going through a difficult phase of life.

Courage to love yourself, beauty tips and so much more

The heroes take you into their highly personal world and report their poignant experiences. With the help of Lou-Anne’s expertise as a model and trained hair stylist and Martina as a model and coach-trainer, they want follow-up questions in order to create positive and lasting change.

Coverage of health and well-being, gender equality and reducing inequality is to be covered in broadcast format only. It not only serves as entertainment but also provides its viewers with the opportunity to make themselves aware of certain topics, learn and take the content with them for their personal life.