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The play "Sturm and Klang" at the Toplach Cultural Center

The play “Sturm and Klang” at the Toplach Cultural Center

We will give away tickets for the concert of the windy Styrian trio on Sunday, December 11th.

The stormy Styrian trio “Sturm & Klang” will light the third Advent candle on Sunday, December 11, 2022 at 6pm at Dobbiaco. With harmonica, guitar, double bass and various percussion instruments, Nick, Max and Johnny bring traditional folk music into a new sonic age and explain contemporary popular music with humor. They fuse traditions with influences of jazz, classical music, or even world music.

Andreas Jamnik (Styrian harmonica, bass clarinet, …), Maximilian Gänster (double bass, guitar) and Johnny Kolpel (percussion, Styrian harmonica) demonstrate deep virtuosity, technical perfection and tremendous versatility. Photo: Joanna Sittinger

In the variety program, the possible uses of the Styrian harmonica are exhausted and listening becomes an experience. The album “Makole” was recorded personally with Herbert Bixner and by Herbert Bixner, especially as he himself plays the Jamnik harmonica – engineered by Andreas Jamnik, aka Nick Jam, of Sturm & Klang. We are looking forward to the first appearance of the young Styrion in South Tyrol! has reserved 1 x 2 ticket for this evening, which we would like to draw among our readers again. Simply post under this article!

“The Storm and the Sound” at the Toplash Cultural Center
Sunday, December 11, 2022 at 6:00 PM
Information and tickets:
Tel. +39 0474976151