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Meet Anna Wintour: Manskin was a guest at Olympus Fashion

Meet Anna Wintour: Manskin was a guest at Olympus Fashion

It’s as if Italian stars are too manskin Now in five: The new member – in style with a black and white dress and snakeskin shoes. At least she’s no stranger to the red carpet, but her profession is fashion: Anna Wintour (72) President of American Vogue magazine. It’s no coincidence that MÃ¥neskin is invited to Vogue’s New York headquarters these days: the rock band combines the perfect state of music and fashion. Few bands are as fashionable these days as the Romanian youth. They also have a Roman citizen to thank for this: they’re personal outfitters on and off the stage Alessandro Michel (49), chief designer of Gucci. His concept of star dress in Gucci, including Harry Stiles (28), Jared Leto (50) or Dakota Johnson (32), it is also reflected financially.

Gucci has just replaced Balenciaga at the top of the current Lyst Index, which ranks designer brands around the world. MÃ¥neskin has also been playing in the top music league for a long time: his 17-concert US tour, which begins in Seattle on October 31, has been sold out. They perform at Lollapalooza in Chicago on Sunday.

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