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Golf: Nemecz must accept setback on last day

Golf: Nemecz must accept setback on last day

Southport – Sunday 07/24/2022 21:28

Lukas Nemecz slipped again on the final day of the World Tour Championships in Southport/England.

Styrian must make do with a round of 73 (one over par) on Sunday, losing ten places and ranking 34th with a total of four below par. Nemecz messes with three of the last five holes with two ghosts and a double bogey, and he’s also an eagle (win-two) on the penultimate track he can’t make up for.

“I am very satisfied with the long game, at the moment my game depends on playing. It was good on the first day, disaster on the second day, on the third day I put it very well, today the play was mediocre again, it is difficult to score good goals there. .34 is fine,” Nimcz sums up.

Scott Ritchie Ramsay took victory thanks to three birds in the last five holes.

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