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Young Violets are guests at Blau-Weiss Linz – 2nd Class

Young Violets are guests at Blau-Weiss Linz – 2nd Class

After a great race to catch up at the start of the season against FC Liefering Joy was written on the faces of the players and supervisors. The 2-2 win over the Young Bulls was a team effort little violet He played well and finally showed morale. For coach Sochard, it was important how the point came: “What the team did after falling behind is not a matter of normality.”

Violet youth cheer Jiba

“Opportunities are not the product of chance.”

The first-half performance was crucial for Suchchar as he spoke of a well-deserved point. “The Lieferingers were very energetic and pushed. But we found solutions to avoid putting pressure on them from the match – our chances were not a product of chance.” But that evening it wasn’t all pure bliss, as Little Violet trailed after set-pieces. “The set pieces are part of our daily training work, so the goals being scored are of course very annoying. It wasn’t a tactical error, it was an individual misconduct, so we have to get the ball out of the danger zone soon.”

“blue and white aggressive opponent”

On Friday, the Violet travels to the traditional club from Linz, who surprisingly lost their opening match against Vienna 0: 2. Not necessarily an advantage for Sochard’s team. “Blau-Weiss will try everything in their power to win. They will be sharper, more focused, to try and reclaim those lost points against us. I expect an aggressive opponent who will demand everything from us.”

Prior to the season, many coaches considered Gerald Schepelhner’s side, full of ex-Bundesliga veterans, to be title hopefuls in Liga Zwa. “Nothing has changed there. They have kept almost all the key players and strengthened themselves in Branivaldo, they have a lot of experience and a very complete team with no real weaknesses,” said Suchard. How to break Linzer? “We have our ideas, but we need the best day ever to win!”

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