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Golf: Return to the PGA Tour via the tailgate

Golf: Return to the PGA Tour via the tailgate

How to come Austria to another professional tournament starting Thursday almost for free

Some returns are only successful three times: the Austrian Professional Golf Championship in Atzenbrugg has been removed from the tournament calendar multiple times and there has always been a way to save it. In 2018, the PGA Professional Tour tested a new limited-time gaming system (“Shot Clock”) and made sure to make a comeback. The previous year, it was Corona that led to a double comeback in Austria: After all championships were canceled until July, the Austrian Open in Atzenbrugg and the Championship in Adamstal dared to resume golf, causing a sensation across Europe. From.

However, the 2021 Austrian Open was missing from the European Tour calendar. Despite having only € 1 million in prize money, the tournament costs around € 3 million in total – that is hardly possible without a major sponsor and at times like this you just can’t find one.

But three weeks ago, the call came from the tour headquarters and Austria was suddenly back on the map: since Portugal’s strict entry restrictions did not guarantee entry for all participants, the European tour asked the Austrians to take over. “This was also due to the good preparatory work the previous year,” said Association President Peter Enzinger, “and it was also reflected in the financial conditions: because the European tour had to guarantee TV stations a certain number of tournaments, it was in its turn the emptiness.” According to insiders, this is the “cheapest” Austrian Open ever.

This does not affect the field of the participants, on the contrary: the field is led by former player No. 1: German Martin Kaymer is the number one star after missing out on qualifying for Augusta, Matthias Schwab is the domestic draft horse.

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The organizers also loved the new date in April: the golf tournament in April is the perfect date for local golf tourism.

It’s very likely that you won’t need another comeback this time.