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'Goodnight Mommy': Trailer for the US remake with Naomi Watts

‘Goodnight Mommy’: Trailer for the US remake with Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts as a weird mom

In 2014, Veronica Franz and Severin Viala made one of the most impressive horror films of recent times. “I see, I see” wasn’t able to draw audiences to cinemas when it was released in Austria, but over time it became a genre movie. Using simple means, the director duo created a touching story that makes our worst nightmares come true. After success in the United States, the new version comes.

The main role is played by Naomi Watts, who already has experience in remaking the Austrian United States, having appeared in the US remake of Michael Haneke. “funny games” Contributed. Played by twin brothers Cameron and Nicholas Krovetti.

Even if the new version sticks more closely to the original, some differences can already be seen in the trailer. The original scene where the mother eats a cockroach in front of the son has been replaced by a scene in which she wears a whimsical face mask. In the American version, the mother also prevents her children from entering the barn A narrative element that did not originally exist. We’re excited to see what the new version has compared to the original!

Goodnight Mommy will be released on September 16th on Amazon Prime.

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