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Great music - Bad Voslau City Festival: 4,000 visitors despite forecasts

Great music – Bad Voslau City Festival: 4,000 visitors despite forecasts

The omens were not under a good star. A heavy rain warning with a risk of flooding was issued the previous day. But officials weren’t impressed, and they were right: The city’s festival attracted 4,000 visitors on Sunday, despite poor weather forecasts, who enjoyed the supportive program in terms of music and food and celebrated enthusiastically.

Various associations and organizers have prepared many attractions for visitors to the city’s festival throughout Sunday. In their booth, Bernd and Doris Senk presented the new book “Mordsradau in Bad Vöslau” and author Norbert Röhrdorfer signed their book for the guests.

And then the fantastic “The Magic of Aba” as the main musical show took the audience on a ride in the evening. The event was perfectly accompanied by culinary accompaniment from the famous palace restaurant Dal Don.

“The city festival is a particularly big advertising campaign for the municipality of Bad Vöslau. Ossy Valenta, who has been organizing the main business for 17 years, explains that an event of this kind and scale is almost impossible in other spa towns in the region.

The city park was pre-designed for large and musically fascinating festivals, which are expected to attract more than 4,000 visitors in the future, with culinary accompaniment. Valenta is convinced that the largest outdoor event south of Vienna will continue its successful path with the best new offerings from the music scene, also in the ABBA “winner takes all” spirit.