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Google Assistant gets ‘quick phrases’

Google Assistant gets a new functionality – in the future it will be able to respond to certain sentences without having to say the key phrase “Hey Google”. according to XDA Developers Currently rolling out “Quick Phrases” for the Google Pixel 3 XL phones it works with Android 12 Beta installed. It is not yet known if the latest version of Android is a requirement of the Express Gateway. Google app version was running on Pixel phone.

Quick Phrases must be enabled in your Google Assistant settings. Once activated, the Google Assistant will react to certain sentences depending on the context. For example, when an alarm goes off, the assistant listens for whether the user says “stop” or “snooze” without having to wake the assistant with “Ok Google” beforehand. An incoming call can be answered with ‘accept’ or rejected with ‘decline’.

Posted in September 9to5Google One Command ListThey are quick phrases. This included commands such as “Cancel the alert,” “Send send,” and “What’s the weather?” and “increase the volume” and “stop the music”. Under the source link is a full list of commands to add to the express statements.

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