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Google Assistant: How to teach the voice assistant your own commands

How to use the voice assistant on your phone, tablet, or …

With Google’s voice assistant, you can do a lot of things with just your voice. In addition to ready-made commands, you can also teach the assistant yourself.

“Oh The GoogleTurn off the light in the living room “: Many people are already accustomed to daily use of the voice assistant from the Android designer. The program helps us to do things faster in daily life and is available on all Android smartphones and many more smart speakers Concentration.

What many people do not know: With the “Actions” function, Google has given its language assistant the opportunity to learn new commands. Various actions, even several, can then be performed at the same time. In this guide, we’ll show you how to create your own processes.

This is how you create your own processes for Google Assistant

  1. s1.pngs1.png


    Open the Assistant app on your smartphone.

  2. s2.pngs2.png


    Tap the keyboard icon to open the keyboard entry.

  3. s3.pngs3.png


    Close the keyboard with the arrow at the bottom left.

  4. s4.pngs4.png


    Click on your profile picture in the right corner to go to Assistant settings.

  5. s5.pngs5.png


    Select the Operations option in Settings.

  6. s6.pngs6.png


    Create a new routine by clicking on the New button at the top right.

  7. s7.pngs7.png


    Choose a trigger by clicking on the “Add a trigger” button.

  8. s8.pngs8.png


    You can choose between a voice command or the time or times of sunrise and sunset as the trigger. Press the appropriate button to add the player you want.

  9. s9.pngs9.png


    Once you choose the trigger, you can now choose what you want the command to do. To do this, click on the Add Action button.

  10. s10.pngs10.png


    Choose a procedure for your particular order from among the many options.

  11. s11.pngs11.png


    Once everything is added, you can save the command by clicking Save in the lower right corner.

completion! Your transaction is now saved to your Google account. You can use the new command on all Google Home devices and on all smartphones using your Google account.

Note that I can add more than one trigger and action for the flow. In this way, a series of commands can be generated, for example to turn off the lights and close the shutters everywhere before going to bed.

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