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Google Docs & Co. with a new sidebar

Google Docs & Co. with a new sidebar

Google wants to attract more users to its Office products and is therefore upgrading its office applications with new features. An update to Android tablets is rolling out to Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, which includes a new sidebar.


From an emergency solution to a complete alternative?

Google Docs & Co has long been a useful alternative to Microsoft's Word & Co, but many users use the tools primarily as an emergency solution when full Word isn't available. Google wants to gradually change this to attract more users to its Office apps called Workspace.

Among the measures that are being taken now, according to Ahad Developer blog post It is the introduction of a new sidebar used to format content, introduced specifically on Android tablets. This increases the appeal of Android tablets for office tasks. However, it will take a few weeks for the new feature to become available everywhere. Hence it should be available to users of the workspace as well as private users.

Anyone who uses Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Google Slides on an Android tablet should be able to better organize their content in a more attractive form with the new sidebar. The sidebar makes adjusting fonts and sizes, alignment or line spacing in Google Docs easier and more convenient. In the future, the sidebar will also provide quick access to all kinds of details about content formatting for sheets and slides.

However, the toolbar that is usually displayed on top of the document in question does not disappear with the new sidebar. It remains visible even when the sidebar is activated and then displays some Forward and Back buttons that can be used to undo changes. The biggest advantage of the new drop-down menu is that changes can now be made centrally, with fewer clicks and in a clear way, so you're less likely to miss things.

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  • Google is upgrading its Office apps for Android tablets
  • A new sidebar for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides
  • The goal: Attract more users to Google Workspace
  • The Formatting Bar enhances Office functionality
  • The update will take a few weeks to roll out
  • Feature for workspace and private users
  • The toolbar remains, and new forward/back buttons

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