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Google is preparing a response to ChatGPT 4

Google is preparing a response to ChatGPT 4

Artificial Intelligence plays a big role for Google, and the new top version will be launched soon.

We heard about Bard Advanced, another version of Google's AI, a few days ago and it's very likely the right answer to ChatGPT 4. Perhaps not just in terms of functionality, but also in terms of the crucial fact that users have to pay for This version of Bard.

The Bard Advanced program is for “complex and better answers,” according to officials. Behind the new version, which has a lot to offer, is the Gemini Ultra. Google's largest language model, which is said to be suitable for very complex tasks. Samsung, for example, is one of the first partners for this.

9to5Google Readers and colleagues briefly had access to a revised web version of Bard, where Bard Advanced was mentioned. It looks like the better version will be released soon. A few days ago, for example, the integration of Imagen was announced, which allows new images to be created using AI using the Bard chatbot.

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