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Capcom wants to make PC the main platform

Capcom wants to make PC the main platform

The discussion is as old as the medium itself. Or is it the computer? game developer Capcom Now apparently decided the question. Because the newly opened studio Resident Evil: The Village Featured, I would prioritize the future PC.

The company’s chief operating officer came in recently and explained that “the personal computer drives global sales.” (via KotakuAt least that was the case with the past Capcom– Recent case publications. Re: The village has already sold itself excessively 3 million timesMost of them were PC purchases.

The fact that this game has sold so well on this platform is definitely also due to the mods. Where else would it be soon after he was released “Naked modification” of the game villains can give?

There are other reasons why the developer mainly wants to rely on the PC in the future. Digital sales have taken hold of computers, especially during the pandemic. In previous interviews, the developers have already confirmed that they are working on their latest games He suffered from an epidemic.

Capcom and consoles

In spite of Capcom So if you want to focus your efforts on PC in the future, that doesn’t mean that consoles will be completely neglected. This is how COO comments:

“We will expand our business to select consoles, which were previously popular in the mainstream. But the computer should be our main focus in the future. […] Then the next year, or the year after, we want to adjust the ratio between PC and console sales.”

However, it is not yet clear what effect this decision will have on console players. However, one can assume that Capcom It does not suddenly stop developing games for Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch.

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Instead, the company would like to see future games optimized on PC first before moving on to moving the console afterward. That future performance improvements, such as Recently for Resident Evil: Village, appears first for the computer, however it is conceivable.