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Google is preparing for an AI revolution for Google Maps, YouTube, and co

Google is preparing for an AI revolution for Google Maps, YouTube, and co

Google’s artificial intelligence, better known as Bard, is about to get even more capable.

Bard can already access Google search and cached websites, so Google’s AI chatbot is already very powerful by default. But the offering should be much better, because integration into other Google services is on the way. There is now more specific information on this subject.

He’s our colleague succeeded, for an overview page of planned extensions. Nothing works today, but we’re getting a glimpse of what services Bard AI plans to tie into in the near future. These include, for example, Google Maps, YouTube offers, flights and hotels.

Route planning and table reservations with Bard?

Also Kayak, OpenTable, Zillow, and Redfin. I find OpenTable very interesting in particular, the reservation system is also often used in restaurants in Germany and likely takes reservations via a chatbot that can be linked to the Bard.

Bard is also made for Workspace services including Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, and many more. The bottom line is that this is a huge leap. Connecting to “external” services is essential for AI offerings.

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