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Sky makes the announcement - this device can now replace receivers

Sky makes the announcement – this device can now replace receivers

Sky makes the announcement – this device can now replace the receiver

Sky releases a new ad.

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Pay TV-Riese sky It continues to do everything in its power to constantly improve the service for its subscribers. Constantly new rights, collaboration, and features should make your TV viewing experience even better.

to display the contents sky In order to be able to see, the “Sky Q” platform is required, which can be accessed by default via the Sky receiver. However, there is now another way to replace it.

Sky: Players can look forward to – Sky Q is now available here

Sky Q can actually be used as an app in many ways, like some smart TVs. Another option has now been added: Playstation 5. The app can now be downloaded from the Store.


This is the sky:

  • Sky Deutschland GmbH is located in Unterföhring near Munich
  • Sky started in Germany and Austria in 2009 and emerged from Premiere
  • Sky has more than 5 million subscribers
  • In addition to line TV, Sky also offers Sky Go on demand


Sky once again publishes a variety of uses for its own software. Gamers who own the latest Sony console can now access the entire provider’s software as well as their old Sky receiver – of course only if they have a subscription.

+++ Sky: a new sports channel – this is only available for a few weeks +++

Sky already announced a similar move in the summer and made Sky Q available to Playstation 4 owners.

Sky: PS5 demo has an advantage

In order to be able to use the display on the PS5, you absolutely need the multi-screen option from Sky, since the Playstation is a dual receiver.


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The console cannot completely replace the Sky-Q receiver. However, it is now possible to see the program more independently of it. (M)

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