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Google opens its first retail store in New York City

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Apple Stores around the world in particular should show that stores are more than just prestige. On the other hand, products can be purchased from here, but it is also about relieving users from the fear of using technology. Thus, Apple regularly organizes workshops on topics such as the simple operation of a Mac through complex tutorials on user-specific cases. So it’s no surprise that other tech companies are following Apple’s lead and opening their own stores. After Huawei, Raspberry Pi and Xiaomi have already joined the list of store owners, Google recently joined them as well.

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The search engine giant has now opened its first store in the heart of New York. According to a report by US news station CNBC, the retail store in Chelsea (14 and 9) is located in New York City. Google intends to sell Pixel phones, Chromebooks, Nest gadgets, and Fitbit wearables in the store, among other things. The store reminds us of well-known Apple stores in terms of its visual structure. However, the search engine giant uses slightly less glass. But even at Google, the focus is on trying their own products. Customers have the opportunity to see themselves on site and test the devices.

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In addition, Google offers players their own area in the store where the broadcast console can be played. In addition, customers expect some special features in the store. This certainly includes the “Imagination Space”, where the latest technological advances from Google can be discovered. At the opening is the Google Translate project created in collaboration with an artist from Tokyo. Customers can pronounce a sentence which is then translated into 24 languages.