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Pause Voice Messages Coming Soon, Note Already Function Now

Pause Voice Messages Coming Soon, Note Already Function Now

from Michael Misculin
WhatsApp is planning another new feature for voice messages. This allows users to pause recording itself in the future. This should be a very practical feature for frequent voice message users, which has already been implemented in some other messengers. With one or two tricks, WhatsApp can also be used as a notes app, where voice messages can also be used.

in a WABetaInfo It has been discovered that WhatsApp is planning an update in which users can pause recording of voice messages. A pause button is implemented for this, with which the recording can be interrupted and then continue later via the record button. Voice messages can currently only be recorded without interruption – if you get stuck or notice that the current recording is broken in some other way, you should always start over. As of now, there is no specific date for the release of the update. So far, the new functionality has been found for iOS devices. The feature should also be planned for the Android beta version.

Use WhatsApp as a notes app

With another feature already in place, WhatsApp can actually be used as a note-taking app for taking quick notes. So when you use WhatsApp on another device (be it a tablet or a PC, for example) you can send files or even notes to yourself. To do this, you can simply set up a conversation with yourself via group functions. You can of course also give the group you just created your own name for. You create a new group with anyone, then remove them from the group in the next step (it might be better to ask the person beforehand).

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Whatsapp: Messenger is the future voice message transcriber

using the site As a workaround (belonging to WhatsApp itself), you can store your own number and then immediately send your private messages to yourself in a newly created conversation. To do this, enter the address “” (of course without quotes) in a browser, where XXX is replaced by users with a German area code with their mobile phone number without 0 at the beginning. After that, a new window should open in which you click on the “Continue Chat” button. Now a new conversation should be opened on your mobile phone, which can be used as a notes app.

those: WABetaInfo

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