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Google Pixel 6 (Pro): How to speed up the fingerprint sensor

Google Pixel 6 (Pro): How to speed up the fingerprint sensor

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As is known, the fingerprint scanner built into the Google Pixel 6 (Pro) under the display is not particularly fast. Here’s how you can speed it up.

Most modern smartphones are equipped with an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that is installed under the screen. unfortunately sat down The Google In the Pixel 6 (Pro) On a visual model that runs slower and more opaque than the competition.

But there is a setting that can significantly speed up the unlocking process with the fingerprint scanner. Better touch sensitivity makes your screen react and therefore the fingerprint scanner more responsive. We’ll show you how to activate the setup step by step.

Tip: Add the same finger multiple times

Another tip on how to speed up your Pixel 6 (Pro) fingerprint scanner, as well as make it more reliable, is to save the same finger (like your left thumb) two or three times. This ensures that the pixels recognize your finger in all situations.

The drawback here is that you don’t have much room for other fingers. Android 12 Unfortunately it only supports five fingerprints that can be saved at once. Therefore, you have to think about which finger you use the most to unlock and save accordingly several times.

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