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Google wants to enable voice commands without "Hey Google"

Google wants to enable voice commands without “Hey Google”


Currently, you can only use Google Assistant if you say “Hey Google” to activate it. But a new feature with the codename “Guacamole” is currently being tested by Google employees, such as Engadget Reports. This should allow the voice assistant to be used without this incoming voice command.

The option is already showing up for some beta users who have Android 11 installed, but it can’t be officially activated yet. Google internal testing among employees is still ongoing. Their new feature has already been activated.

Turn off the alarm

It is planned that you specify in the settings whether you want to skip “Hey Google” for simple things. This might be the case, for example, if you want to turn off the alarm on your alarm, or if you want to accept or reject a call with a voice command.

More precisely, users should be notified on a separate FAQ page if the “Guacamole” function passes the internal test.

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