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Apple is developing a “thimble” for virtual keyboards

For a long time there were rumors that Apple macbook with one in Touch virtual keyboard can evolve. But until now this was a very bad idea, because fingers get tired quickly when constantly writing on a smooth glass surface.

The touchscreen also lacks the small indentations in the keyboard that direct fingers to blindly press the right keys using the keyboard’s 10-finger system.

This is what an Apple thimble could look like

Thimble for more feel

However, Apple now has one New patent, dedicated to this problem. The patent describes how to place a small “thimble” on your fingers, and then typing feels like hitting real keys on a tactile keyboard. This should make typing on a touch screen less stressful and more enjoyable.

This thing, which you put on your finger like a thimble, is meant to cushion the impact on the glass while still making physical contact without having to bang your fingers all the way on the glass.

possible magnetic attraction

But Apple wouldn’t be Apple if it weren’t more jobs That will provide for this part: It should also be possible to finger from the surface magnetically attracted can become. This would give the user more of the feeling of typing on a real keyboard.

An Apple patent has been granted and this development is now protected by Apple. Be it ever real product, such as the MacBook with a virtual keyboard, more than uncertain. Quite a few patents had already been filed, which then disappeared in the drawer forever.

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